02 November 2013 07:30 AM till 12:30 PM

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Session 1 - Meeting the Needs of Your Gifted Learner
Discussion Leader: Melissa Bilash (MomCongressPA) Session 1: Room 23 Is your gifted student learning, growing, and being challenged on a consistent and meaningful basis? What are steps that you can take towards developing an appropriate educational program for your gifted child? This session will focus on what we can do to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners. Learn more about what is in a Gifted Individualized Educational Program and how to develop a GIEP that is meaningful and measurable. This session will also explore some outside resources for supporting the growth and progress of gifted learners.
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Session 1 - Wonder: Learning Everywhere
Discussion Leader: Emily Kirkpatrick, National Center for Family Literacy Session 1: Knapp IMC Learning should happen everywhere. And every parent and teacher knows questions come up all the time. Wonder is a way to unify, motivate and guide learning for children of all ages. With inquiry-based practices, instructional staff, students and families make knowledge connections, learn, and grow together. Learn all about Wonderopolis.org
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Session 1- Importance of Building Emotional Intelligence
Discussion Leader: Amita Sood Session 1: Room 9 Self-esteem in your child plays a critical role in his/her success and happiness in life. It is the foundation of a child's well-being. Parents have the greatest influence on a child's belief about himself or herself. Letting your child know that he or she belongs, is doing well, and is contributing, can help him or her develop healthy self-esteem. That foundation can do much to help a child deal with difficult life issues as they are encountered in different phases of life.
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Session 1- Google Docs 101
DIscussion Leader: @RobinLutcher Session 1: Room 5 Cloud technology provides the options for staff and students to have access to their files 24/7. In addition, cloud technologies align with the district's current document management initiative. Learn how your students and their teachers are using cloud technology and a variety of mobile devices to create, share and store information.
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Session 1 - College Planning Strategies and the Financial Aid Game
Discussion Leader: Maria Mainardi Session 1: Room 2 Although it may seem like a long time from now, before you know it, your child will be going off to college. It is crucial that you understand the college financial aid process now in order to put yourself in the best position possible to increase your chances of receiving aid in the future. We will cover all the hot topics and questions including: How schools are calculating your out-of-pocket costs (towards tuition) Different methodologies schools use to calculate aid Deadlines and lookback periods Various packaging of aid Difference between grants, loans and scholarships
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Session 1- Power & Potential of Community Conversations Around Education
Discussion Leaders: Kristen Fisher, NP United Way Session 1: Room 3 Participants will engage in conversation about the strengths, needs, aspirations and challenges of community engagement and how to develop a common vision and shared goals around education and all students.
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Session 1 - What Your Kids Know That You Don't: Internet Safety For Parents
Discussion Leader: Dr Nicole Yetter (@NicoleMYetter) Session 1: Gym In this session, parents will: Understand the importance of the appropriate use of social networking sites Learn how to help if your child is being bullied or harassed online. Safety Tips Tools to aide their children in becoming responsible digital citizens.
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Session 1 - IEP 101
Discussion Leader: Angela Choi Session 1 - Room 26 As you know, a student's Individualized Educational Program is the guideline that dictates how to appropriately support a child in need of special education. How much do you understand about what this document says and how it is implemented at school? This session will focus on tips and strategies on developing your child's Individualized Educational Program into a plan that truly meets your child's needs. What are common, but overlooked, problem areas of IEPs? What information should be included and where? What types of supports can be included in an IEP? As a parent, what is your role in developing an IEP? Find the answers to these questions and ask your own with a federally-trained educational advocate from Advocacy and Consulting for Education.
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Session 2 - Peril or Wonder: Children in the Digital Age
Discussion Leader: Glenn Yetter (@coachyetter) Session 2 - Room 26 This session will look at what type of digital footprint your child is leaving, some do's and dont's on the proper use of technology, and how you can help your child weed through the enourmous amounts of information available to them.
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Session 2 - Optimizing Communication with your Child
Discussion Leader: Dr. Adam Berman (2013 ParentCamp Keynote) Session 2 - IMC The presentation is a follow-up, more in depth discussion following the morning keynote. Dr. Adam Berman, clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist will provide a parenting program on the most common parental perceptions related to cooperation and respect within the family unit, and how perceptions might ultimately impact a child’s behavior. He will also discuss the importance of both parents and children being able to express what is important to each of them so that familial communication can be enhanced. An additional focus will be on how parents can attend to and assess their own self-respect so that they can feel more confident as they raise their children. Dr. Berman will provide specific examples of communication techniques that are both helpful and a hindrance when speaking to children and adolescents.
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Session 2 - What makes a real home-school partnership?
Discussion Leader: Dr. Joe Mazza (@joe_mazza) Session 2: Gym Principal Joe Mazza (Knapp Elementary) will share research-based core beliefs behind what makes the home-school partnership work. Texts such as Beyond the Bakesale (Henderson & Mapp 2008) will be used to share real examples on how educators and parents to build strong relationships that help students reach their potential.
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Session 2 - Little Known Secrets for Paying for College
Discussion Leader: Vincent DePietro & Brock Jolly Session 2: Room 3 This session will provide an overview of financial aid and how to qualify for the maximum package including the following: Unique strategies to pay for multiple children attending college simultaneously An insider’s view of the college admissions process How to recapture out of pocket college costs Avoid jeopardizing your retirement nest egg Strategies to attend private schools for the same out of pocket cost as in-state schools
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Session 2 - Substance Abuse: One Father's Story
Discussion Leader: Don Koffel, Knapp Elementary Head Custodian Session 2: Room 23 After losing his son to an overdose and attending numerous meetings with addicts across PA and TX, Don will share warning signs and proactive measures geared toward today’s parents who want to be “in the know.”
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Session 3 - How to become the best “Connected Parent” for your child
Discussion Leaders: Gwen Pescatore, Laurie Spencer - Knapp Home & School Association (@gpescatore25 @LSpencerSLP) Session 3: IMC Family engagement is key to helping children be the best they can be at school. It is more than parents serving as fundraisers; it includes supporting learning at home. In this session we will share ways you can stay connected and help support learning from home using various websites and mobile apps.
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Session 3 - To Middle School and Beyond
Discussion Leader: Sean Devlin, Knapp Elementary Educator (@devlinj) Session 3 - Room 23 What's on the pages of your child's next chapter of education? In this session you will get a preview of what life will be like in the next six levels of your child's academic career. We will look at courses of study, social life, extracurricular activities, and social media. We will help you identify what your on-going role will be, help you out with those parental "Must-Do's," and even give you some insight into college planning. This class will involve lecture as well as group discussion and anything else Mr. D can do to help parents embark on this journey!
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Session 3 - Increase your APPtitude
Discussion Leader: Brett Baker, @NPSD iPad Coach @BakerBG) Session 3: Room 3 With half a billion apps in the App Store, what are some great apps for my family and where can I continue to find worthwhile apps to download. This will be a fast- paced session where iPads will be available but feel free to bring your own device.
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Session 3 - Understanding the Social Emotional Needs of Your Gifted Child
Discussion Leaders: Diane Kortz & Lauren Shive of NPAGE Session 3: Room 2 This discussion will give participants a chance to discuss the social and emotional needs of gifted children and provide ideas for what they can do to support their own child. Topics may include perfectionism, intensities, peer relationships, motivation and underachievement. Additional resources will be shared.
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Session 3 - Planning for Your Special Needs Child or Sibling
Discussion Leader: Vincent DePietro & Bruce Sham Session 3: Room 5 Topics of Discussion include: How to leave money to a child or adult sibling How to create a Life Care Plan Social Security – The basics on how to file, and what to expect Special Needs Trusts – Their importance, and how to create one Guardianship and estate planning question marks What programs are available for a young adult with disabilities after 18 and 21?
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Event Description

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, Knapp Elementary will host it’s second Parent Camp “unconference" for parents and teachers. It’s called an unconference because attendees will not simply sit through 40 minute sessions, then leave to go onto the next one. The idea behind the unconference movement is to create an ongoing discussion and build relationships amongst all in attendance while harnessing the expertise "in the room." 

There will be discussion leaders in each session, as all 20 sessions being offered are detailed here. Each session is geared toward Pre K-6 parents, and will be led by teachers, parents, leaders and community members.

Parent Camp is FREE and open to any parents & teachers in our personal learning network (PLN). Register today as space is limited for the November 2, 2013 event. If you're in the Philadelphia area, please join us!

Looking forward to seeing you at #ParentCamp!


#ParentCamp Schedule:

  • Registration/Breakfast: 7:30-8:30AM, Main Lobby
  • Keynote Dr. Adam Berman & #ParentCamp Groundrules: 8:30-9:15, Gym
  • Session 1: 9:20-10:00 
  • Session 2: 10:05-10:45
  • Networking Break 10:45-11:15, Gym
  • Session 3: 11:20-12:00
  • ParentCamp Smackdown: 12:05-12:30, Gym


Occurs on


02 November 2013

7:30 AM

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Knapp Elementary School
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Registered attendees should choose ONE (1) class for each SESSION for a total of THREE (3) classes for the day following the morning keynote address by Dr. Berman. Before each class lists Session 1, 2, 3. No need to show tickets at ParentCamp. Reservations are to monitor capacity and provide for attendee organization. For questions, please email to parentcamp@gmail.com, call Joe Mazza at 215-853-1515 or tweet at @joe_mazza or @parentcamp. Thanks for being a part of #ParentCamp at Knapp Elementary.


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